CAME Parkare

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c/ Física, 1 (Poligono Industrial La Ferreria)


Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona)

Postal address

c/ Física, 1 (Poligono Industrial La Ferreria)

Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona) , 08110



Tel +34 935647600

Fax +34 932257410

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Company information

Attention to detail

Parkare Header

CAME - Parkare is a Company of CAME Group. We are leaders in automation, control, management and distribution of equipment for car parks (off-street) and parking meters (on-street). We also do the maintenance for all our machines and systems with our Customer Service.

In CAME - Parkare our main asset is the satisfaction of all our customers.  As a service company (almost the 50%), we constantly aim to deliver quality solutions to our customers.

Our value chain contains concepts like the Feasibility of the Study, the Development & Engineering, the Manufacturing, Installation and an After Sales Service. Due to this we can offer tailor made solutions for our customers.

Parkare was born in 2007 as a result of the merge of three major companies with renowned brands in the sector, with more than 20 years of market seniority. In 2014 Parkare became part of CAME Group.

This fact, added to the pre-existing Parkare subsidiaries (UK, France, México, Chile and Perú), 19 subsidiaries more and 480 authorised dealers worldwide from CAME.

CAME - Parkare is a new concept, stronger than ever and operating in 118 countries.

Company information

Headquarters location c/ Física, 1 (Poligono Industrial La Ferreria)
08110 Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona)
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Recent projects


Madrid, SpainMadrid

1,500 parking meters and an Integration software platform, allowing 3 different machine suppliers to work together in the same city.

In 2014 Parkare achieved another ambitious challenge: to ship parking meters out in a record time, so was not beaten by any other supplier. The software platform was based
on Tempo Enterprise software to control the parking meters and Pay by Phone service, among others. This allowed the municipality to set variable tariffs in a Smart City environment.

Benito Juarez, MexicoBenito Juarez

800 machines for Benito Juarez, in Mexico City's Federal District.

In 2014, Tempo Evo become the perfect solution in order to regulate
on street parking in Mexico D.F. city due to its client-server architecture, high
network and wireless capability. Machines are also able to connect with external systems, which is another plus. Users input their plate number into the parking meters and this
information is sent directly to the server in real time.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

370 Ciudad machines installed in Kuala Lumpur in 2008,
using GPRS communications.
In 2008 Parkare installed 370 Ciudad 21 parking meters in the
centre of Kuala Lumpur. This was Parkare's first installation in
Malaysia's biggest city - and the project was a complete
success. Parkare was the first company capable of updating
the software on its meters via GPRS, making managing them
easier, saving time and money, as well as improving efficiency
by not having


San José, Costa Rica

76 Tempo machines installed in 2013, in San José
downtown, Costa Rica.
Being the first installation in San José that worked 'pay by
space' the 76 Tempo pay and display machines made an
important difference when they were installed, increasing
the turnover of on street parking spaces. Users input the the
number of the space where they have parked into the parking
meter, before payment with a variety of payment methods available, such as credit cards and 2 different proximity cards (e-wallet).




El Corte Inglés, Spain

57 automatic pay stations, 22 entry terminals and 23 exit
El Corte Ingles is a Spanish distribution group that is predominantly based in the department stores market. In February 2016 the car park for El Corte Ingles Madrid Xanadu was renovated, as part of a bigger project running throughout the country. Another 5 car parks in Barcelona, País Vasco, Murcia and Andalusia have
already been renovated during 2014 and 2015. The project is ongoing and will be completed by 2017.


Barcelona 'El-Prat' Airport, SpainBarcelona

58 automatic pay stations, 45 entry terminals, 54 exit terminals including Optima Guidance system and ANPR.

In 2002, Parkare installed a parking system in the Terminal T2 from Barcelona Airport - El Prat including 22 Automatic Payment Stations, 19 Entry Stations, 23 Exit Stations and 5,500 Optima Guidance System spaces. After its expansion in 2008, the Airport Authorities trusted in Parkare once more and another 36 Automatic Payment Stations, 26 Entry Stations, 31 Exit Stations and 7,500 more Guidance System Spaces were added to Terminal T1 (the main one). All access stations were supplied with ANPR cameras, associating all tickets with a number license plate.


Centro Comercial Chipichape, Colombia

10 automatic payment stations, 7 entry terminals and
7 exit terminals, including ANPR.
The Chipichape Mall provides a modern urban commercial complex, consiting of shopping, gaming, restaurants, cinemas, gym and a hotel, and is one of the places most frequented by tourists visiting Cali. In 2013 Parkare installed an Elegance parking system in Centro Comercial Chipichape, including number plate recognition in all of its access terminals with cameras for vehicle auditing.




  • ANPR Solutions
  • Car Park Management Software
  • Car Parking Guidance Systems
  • Entry- and Exit Stations
  • Intercoms
  • Parking Meters
  • Pay and Display / Pay by Space
  • Pay and Display Tickets
  • Readers
  • Ticket Dispensers
  • Validators / Validations

Product information

Off Street

PKE & PKM Lines

A common main feature in PKE & PKM is that the automatic cashier is not only a payment terminal but also a complete multifunctional station. With a compact design and latest technology the Automatic Payment Station can work as Manual Cashier, so users can purchase parking products, get discounts or use promotions. Advertising can be included, too.

Both lines provide a low maintenance solution whilst maintaining efficiency during the demand required by high operation facilities. The Car Park Central Unit can be installed in the Automatic Payment Station, so the system becomes more robust and secure, always working (because when the communication with the Cloud Services fails, the Central Unit keeps controlling the car park system). This embedded Central Unit consists in an industrial solid state disk computer located inside an Automatic Payment Station, so no additional control room is required any longer and the system can easily work remotely attended.

Thanks to the Multi Car Park Platform, car parks situated across the globe can be managed by just one employee located anywhere, using a Smartphone or a Tablet.

All machines are European DDA-ADA standards EN 301 549 compliance.

PKE Line

A fusion of Italian style and Spanish ingenuity, CAME Parkare’s first joint venture parking system, PKE, combines the CAME PS-One and Parkare Elegance systems with the latest technology to create a powerful, high-end parking system, that will offer a new dimension to the parking industry.

PKM Line

CAME Parkare offers both thermal paper roll (QR, barcode, etc.) and magnetic strip ticket technology. Machines can work full time due to the 2 printers redundancy with a High MTBF ratio (Mean Time Between Failures).

With the addition of a Pay On Exit terminal using credit card payment facilities and also the Card In / Card Out system, that allows users to get in and out the car park without ticket, just using their credit card, PKE demonstrates a strong future for CAME Parkare on the world parking stage.

PKE Line

Sumarizing, PKE system is a comprehensive solution to parking control, offering significant improvements in productivity for little additional cost, whilst also increasing end user satisfaction due to operational reliability and a range of products to meet all requirements. To do this, our PKE car park control system is based on a network of automatic devices that regulate access, control payment and record all activity in the car park.

PKM Line

Maintaining the evolutionary CAME Parkare style, the new PKM mid-range system continues to provide the excellent performance capabilities provided by its predecessor, Parkare’s Compact thermal paper roll system.

PKM Line

Though the PKM setup shares many common features with the PKE high-end system, it comes with a more cost effective bottom line, making it an appealing option for strict budgets.

The technology deployed in PKM reduces the cost and complexity of the system by minimizing the number of moving parts required compared to other systems - also offering increased reliability. The simplicity of the system does not mean a compromise in functionality; PKM can be used in conjunction with Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Voice over IP (VoIP) intercoms, security cameras & video, EMV chip & pin cards and/or NFC, contactless cards and many other technologies.

Automatic Number Plate Reading and Control SystemANPR

The CAME Parkare automatic number plate reading and recognition (ANPR) system is the ideal complement for the car park, enhancing function and use of the whole installation:

  • Enhanced control of vehicles entering and leaving the car park due to the automatic reading and recognition of their number plates.
  • Printing of the vehicle number plate on the entry ticket issued, in accordance with current legislation (Law 14/11 2002 B.O.E).
  • Increase in the car park security level, preventing vehicle theft and fraud payment (exchange of tickets or vehicles).
  • Increased flow of traffic in the car park entries and exits through dynamic access, i.e. automatic barrier opening on detecting a given number plate (configurable).

Vehicle Auditing System

This records images from different parts of the vehicle on its entry to the car park, permitting verification of its status. There is an option for incorporating a facial camera for security tasks.

Lince 6 - CloudCloud

Lince 6.0 is CAME Parkare’s revolutionary cloud based car park management system, that offers real time car park monitoring with the use of a responsive web browser via the webapp Lince 6.0 for PC, Tablet and Smartphone.

This powerful online system provides up to the minute information and data reports on live parking systems situated across the globe, at the touch of a button. Simple to use and intuitive, the Lince 6.0 system update combines cloud-based ingenuity with local hardware capabilities to provide a complete car park management system.

Multi Car Park Software

This system makes it possible to control different car parks managed by the same company, wherever they are in the world, as easily as one single car park. All that is needed is a TCP/IP network connection point.

Multi Car Park Software

With the multi-car park software access, configurations, clients and payment methods, accounts data and statistics can be managed, all consolidated for efficient management of your network.


The user gets into the car park without stopping the vehicle to collect the ticket. The system records in the OBE (through the antenna of the ViaT System) input data from the entrance (car park, terminal, virtual ticket number, number plate, date, time ...) to meet with the current legislation related to consumers, which requires to link the entry operation with a vehicle, through the plate number.

After shopping time, users can return back to their vehicles without stopping at any Cashier or POS (Point of Sale) as usual, and get out straight of the car park. Discounts related to the done shopping are automatically applied thanks to the Via-T System. The payment gets done when users pass through the exit station and beep confirms the operation, so the barrier gate opens automatically allowing the exit of the vehicle.

Optima Parking Guidance SystemOptima Line

The Optima automatic vehicle guidance system for parking facilities permits realtime parking facility occupancy control, which uses the information obtained to register and indicate the location and shortest path to available spaces to users. Rapid detection and indication of free spaces means an immediate increase in parking facility vehicle turnover (and, therefore, profitability), as well as these additional benefits:

  • Increased fire safety in the parking facility, thanks to the system’s built-in temperature sensors.
  • Centralized, independent set-up for each sensor, including height, adapting to the specific form of each parking facility.
  • Optimization of electricity consumption in the car park, thanks to automatic adjustment of the lighting depending on various configurable factors.
  • More efficient use and distribution, thanks to the sequential occupancy system by zones (fully configurable).
  • All these features are based on establishing a true communications network that integrates the volumetric presence sensors and/or ultrasound vehicle traffic sensors, indicator signs, vehicle barriers, and a computerised central unit.

On Street

Tempo Evo - Parking MeterTempo Evo Line

The Tempo Pay & Display machine is the fruit of PARKARE’s wide-ranging experience as a leader in parking management and control systems. It incorporates the features demanded by today’s market and the very latest technology to give an effective response to future needs:

  • Ergonomic design and with easy-to-use, stylish machines adapted to the urban environment.
  • Robust stainless steel cabinet construction which is weather and vandal proof.
  • Access points secured by electronic locking and real-time authorisation.
  • Accepts multiple payment methods (coins, notes, EMV credit/debit cards, etc.).
  • Can be personalised to suit the specific applications required by the owner/operator.

Tempo Enterprise

Tempo Enterprise is the name of the server applications hosted in a data-center to manage:

  • All the connected Parking Meters
  • The smartphones running a virtual P&D payment application called smartBlueZone
  • The application for the enforcement, called Cloud Controller, used by the enforcement staff to guarantee that every parked car has a paid ticket and the parking final time has not been exceeded

Tempo software includes a geographic information system which among other things allows you to:

  • Search of client’s Parking Meters
  • Registrations, cancellations, modifications
  • Configurations
  • Updates and firmware

Apps for Smartphones

Pay by phone App - SmartBlueZone

SmartBluezone, the new CAME Parkare pay by phone app is already available in the market.
It has been designed thinking on the user satisfaction: user can exclusively pay for the time he is going to park. The pre-select time slot can be easily expanded using the smartphone. On the other hand, parking time can be stopped when user decides to leave. The app can be also used for locating the car thanks to its GPS connection.

Mobile Apps

Enforcement App - Cloud Controller

Cloud Controller is an application used by the enforcement staff to guarantee that every parked car has a paid ticket and the parking final time has not been exceeded.
The on street control can be based on tickets or license plates.

Press releases